The Blue Gold watermakers, as well every brand of watermaker requires prefiltration of the sea water in order to prevent sediments and normal sea life such as plankton and algae damage to the high pressure pump components and the membranes.

There are some simple considerations to do, when choosing the prefiltration type, which can have a big effect on the overall performance and life/maintenance of the watermaker.

The simplest filtration is a standard DOE (Double Open End) 9¾”- 5 micron melt blown cartridge in a polypropylene housing. This solution fits the smaller machines which mainly operates in open and clean water.

The standard and most used solution is a double prefilter assembly, DOE 9¾”- 20 + 5 micron melt blown cartridges. This solution fits almost all the watermakers.

If your machine operates also in brackish and not clean waters, we provide an additional prefilter  BIG DOE 10” – 50 micron, to be placed before the standard prefilter.

When there is the risk of contamination by oil or fuel, an oil-water separator (oil absorbing filter) must be installed in the intake line. Even if oil and fuel float on water and will hardly enter the submerged intake, there is the possibility the feed water get contaminated because of turbulent movements of the surface. We supply, upon request, this kind of filtration elements.