BLUE GOLD Water Technologies produces modern and reliable desalination systems working by using reverse osmosis, one of the most popular and advanced technologies to turn seawater into freshwater of excellent quality.

Our watermakers are built using only top quality components insuring ease of replacement and fair pricing. We do not use proprietary equipment. Is our opinion this to be extremely important aboard of vessels sailing around the world, and also cost-saving, as our watermakers can be maintained economically and conveniently. Filters, membranes, and other components of our watermakers may be obtained anywhere and in addition, we ship worldwide spares and consumables.

Thanks to our system, Blue Gold watermakers can be built in a very broad range of configurations and capacities from 40 l/h to 500 l/h or even more.

Blue Gold RO (reverse osmosis) desalination systems can be used for various applications, including:

– watermakers for pleasure boats (motor yachts and sailing yachts, power boats, catamarans, fishing boats, tourism and hunting vessels)
– desalination plants for commercial vessels and work boats (e.g. fish production storage and processing vessels, supply ships and cargo vessels)
– watermakers for special purpose vessels (research, expedition yachts, tugboats, salvage)
– desalination plants for river vessels (pleasure and excursion boats, passenger ships, tugs)
– desalination systems for offshore installations (marine platforms and rigs)
– land-based desalination systems (for coastal hotels and resorts bases).

We could also offer custom filtration system for your desalinator if you have any special needs based on specific operating conditions of your watermaker e.g. reinforced feed water pretreatment and/or additional treatment of fresh water (remineralization, UV sterilization)