The SYNCHROMASTER watermakers meet the fresh water’s requirements for boats of bigger dimensions, as well mega-yachts and commercial/passengers vessels too. The SynchroMaster watermakers are completely stainless steel made. The peculiarity of SYNCHROMASTER watermakers is to be made of three sections, that in case of necessity,in the board installation, in limited spaces, can be divided in a simple way. Vessels containing osmotic membranes are made of AISI 316 (heads), composite structure and epoxy resin. Thanks to these characteristics, they are absolutely resistant against corrosion caused by galvanic effects.


Watermaker Baitek Synchromaster
Watermaker Baitek SynchroMaster

The images show a SynchroMaster 400, equipped with automatic pressure regulation and automatic flushing system. This “great” machine produces 400 liters of freshwater in one hour at 25 °C of feed water temperature and 35000 ppm of salinity at 60 bar of working pressure.

MODEL SM 300 SM 400 SM 600
Flow rate Lt/h 300 400 600
Daily flow rate Lt/day 7.200 9.600 14.400
TDS mg/l of permeate <200 <200 <200
Number of membranes 2 x 4021 2 x 4040 3 x 4040
Working pressure 60 bar 60 bar 60 bar
Seawater-Washing inlet 1/2’’ – 20 mm 1/2’’ – 20 mm 1/2’’ – 20 mm
Permeate 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm
Concentrate 1/2’’ – 20 mm 1/2’’ – 20 mm 1/2’’ – 20 mm
Installed Power 2.2 kW 4.0 kW 4.0 kW
Overall dimensions mm 950x580x560 h. 1250x580x560 h. 1250x580x560 h.
Weight kg 70 90 120
PRICES 2018 (VAT and shipping not included)
– With AISI 316 pump 17.900,- 21.700,- 25.800,-
– Automatic Flushing
and Automatic Pressure
+2.900,- +2.900 +2.900
Remote Control On Request On Request On Request
Standard Equipment Automatic Version Equipment
– Stainless steel structure;
– High pressure pump with ceramic pistons;
Pressure regulation valve in AISI 316 stainless steel;
– Vessels in epoxy resin and Stainless Steel heads
– High flow membranes for reverse osmosis;
– High pressure fittings in AISI 316L stainless steel;
– Safety pressure switch for overpressure;
– Fresh water flow meter;
– Inox pressure gauges, glycerine filled;
– Twin pre-filter20+5 micron;
– Filter housings with nickel plated head;
– All the standard equipment;
– SHIFT Valve – valve for automatic flushing and automatic pressure regulation in AISI 316 stainless steel;
– Salinity tester with alarm;
– Electronic pressure transducers to show both inlet and working pressure on the high brightness graphic display
– Automatic shut down in case of low pressure
– Clogged filters alarm
– Display of the scheduled maintenance for the pump and the filters.
– Possibility to schedule the production and the shut-off of the watermaker