The Blue Gold watermakers series “SMART” are derived from the ZERO and come complete with a magnetic drive corrosion-proof feed pump, a system for easy flush the membranes directly from the control panel, an INOX control panel with integrated: INOX manometer, INOX pressure regulation needle valve, flow meter, switch for “Easy Flushing System”, ball valve to divert the fresh water both to the tank or to a test/discard output, motor protection switches both for HP and feed pump, hour counter.

This series born for use both on recreational yachts as well aboard of work boats, where a complete system for fresh water production is needed. Like in the ZERO series, the running and the maintenance of this desalination plant is reliable, simple and hassle free.

Available in 5 productivity, these machines are built only with first quality components. Can be supplied both with a heavy duty nickel plated pump, as well with an AISI 316 pump as optional. Are supplied as standard with a top quality magnetic drive feed pump, equipped with 2 solenoid valves for the easy flushing system.

The biggest models (400 and 500 lt/h) are built as twin systems. This solution allows the use of smaller components, which can be easier handled aboard in the narrow spaces of the vessels, and also grants, in case of less needs, faulty or scheduled maintenance, to have a machine ever working and producing.

Blue Gold SMART watermakers are a complete desalination plant solution and do not need any additional equipment to run. High quality components and absence of any electronic devices also for the flushing system, are the warranty of a failure-free work for years.

The models 200, 250, 400 and 500 can be realized with a special pump and a most powerful motor of 3 kW, which grant, with the same dimensions and osmotic components, almost the same performances up to feed water temperature of 10 °C . If your vessel sails in polar or sub-polar waters, we warmly suggest to ask our tech. department for this option. This special version is called “Artic”.

In the image is shown a SMART 200, equipped with his standard control panel. This simple “plug & play” machine produces 200 liters of freshwater in one hour, and is ready for years of reliable work aboard of every vessels.

Flow rate Lt/h 150 200 250 400 500
Daily flow rate Lt/day 3.600 4.800 6.000 9.600 12.000
TDS mg/l of permeate 139 158 176 158 176
Number of membranes 2 x 2540 3 x 2540 4 x 2540 6 x 2540 8 x 2540
Working pressure 60 bar 60 bar 60 bar 60 bar 60 bar
Seawater-Washing inlet 1/2’’ – 20 mm 1/2’’ – 20 mm 1/2’’ – 20 mm 1/2’’ – 20 mm 1/2’’ – 20 mm
Permeate 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm
Concentrate 1/2’’ – 20 mm 1/2’’ – 20 mm 1/2’’ – 20 mm 1/2’’ – 20 mm 1/2’’ – 20 mm
Installed Power 2.2 kW 2.2 kW 2.2 kW 4.4 kW 4.4 kW
Overall dimensions mm 1200x350x240 h. 1200x350x340 h. 1200x350x440 h. Multiple shapes and configurations
Weight kg 55 62 69 124 138
PRICES 2018 *
– With standard pump 3990,- 4720,- 5440,- 8550,- 9880,-
– With AISI 316 pump 4990,- 5780,- 6500,- 10480,- 11690

The magnetic drive feed pump:

Magnetic drive eliminates rotary seal organs and the associted risks of loss of fluid in the environment. Small size, low noise level and the total absence of sealingmake these pumps ideal and safe to apply even insophisticted equipment or in elegant surroundings. The simple construction based on few components plainly assembled  eases any maintenance operation.

100% corrosion proof: Pump casing is made of  polypropylene thermoplastic resin reinforced with glass fibre; it stands several corrosive liquids as well as standard ceramic shaft, PTFE reinforced bushings  and  FKM O-ring casing.


  • Pump front and rear with a single static O-ring in betweem create a liquid tight casing.
  • Guide bushes housed at the two ends of the pump body support the impeller.
  • Impeller embeds, shaft, thrust bearings and magnetic core.
  • Magnet sintered ferrite inductor housed in drum external to the rear side of the casing is fixed to the electric motor shaft.
  • Electric motor thermally protected incorpoartes the support of the pump casing.